How to Differentiate Short Films From Feature Films

Feature films make up most of the revenue of movie production companies. Box office hits like Marvel Avengers and Avatar have managed to earn billions of dollars on the screen. Yet, short films are also popular among moviegoers. What exactly separates a short film from a normal-length feature film?

There is no clear-cut method to the madness, but most producers will agree that a short film will have a running time of about 40 minutes or less before it can be called a ‘’short film’’. Both feature films and short films have their pros and cons.

Short films occasionally have a much lower budget than feature films. This is because most short films can usually finish shooting within a couple of days, whereas most feature films are produced for the better part of a year before they get it right. The longer it takes for a movie to finish production, the more expensive it will be.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences suggests that the only thing that really differentiates feature films from short films is the video’s running length. Short films have many uses besides saving on budget costs.

Short films act as valuable resources for self-improvement and self-critique. There are always small clips and details being cut from large feature films to demonstrate the activity of perfecting and refining movie directing skills. Readers on this site can also join a community to get more involved in the film industry.

On the other side of the spectrum, many people simply don’t like 3-hour-long movies. Short movies are becoming increasingly popular among people with short attention spans. Companies like TikTok have shown how quickly people get drawn and attached to short video clips for entertainment.

Producers and directors who want to get their foot in the door of an employment opportunity will use short films to sell themselves to a production company. This is a great way to get promoted in the industry as well, as it neatly presents the aspiring director’s skills in a short film.

The movie industry keeps growing in some shape or form. Producers are continuously finding more ways to adapt and change their approaches to entertaining audiences. Follow DYSPLA for more information about short films.

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