Why Cinemas Need to Innovate or Close Their Doors

The movie industry has had to make drastic changes in recent years to address changing consumer behaviour. The Covid-19 lockdown meant that cinemas had to close, and giant theatre companies like Ster-Kinekor had to declare bankruptcy in 2021.

If one thing is certain, then it is that the film industry needs to adapt to meet the needs of consumers in the aftermath of the pandemic. Many film fanatics have flocked to online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to stream movies and series at a much more affordable cost.

Going to the cinema can be an expensive affair. The movie tickets and snacks could cost you as much as a monthly subscription to one of the leading streaming services. The competition is tough, and there is no sign of it stopping. People have had a taste of instant gratification via streaming platforms, and now they won’t settle for anything less.

The goal of the modern-day cinema theatre needs to be to create an environment where people feel that they get all their money’s worth. 3D and 4D cinema theatres have come out in recent years – featuring vibrating chairs and advanced sound systems, but it still has not garnered the desired interest from movie fans.

Innovative cinema complexes have been open to the idea of reviving the drive-in theatre, where people can relax in their cars or convertibles to watch their favourite film or performance. This theatre experience has seen a spike in popularity, as it allowed film fanatics to practise social distancing while enjoying their favourite shows in the car.

Even though the cinema industry has faced major drawbacks over the last few years, it still draws film fans, and since the restrictions have been lifted, moviegoers have been slowly returning to the norm of watching movies at the cinema. This shows that If the entertainment and service in the cinema are good enough, people will still show up.

Whether people enjoy watching short films or feature films, the industry will need to keep finding innovative ways to entertain the changing trends in the market.

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